Monday, February 18, 2013

Craft Time

I'm bored Jar for the girls.  I prettied up a container, then wrote a bunch of things on paper inside. Write Nana a letter, Read a book or chapter, clean your room, Make cookies, Color a Picture, Watch a movie and have popcorn, Do an art project, Play dress up, Have a tea party, Have a photo shoot, Make a necklace, Dance, Vacuum 1 room of the house, Draw a picture, Organize bookshelf, Water the plants, Make a craft with Mom, Watch a Movie, Do a chore of Mom's choice, Make a sock puppet, Have a cool treat and Play a game.

Then I prettied up a lemonade container for the girls to put hair things on and inside.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Boxes

 So the girls and I made Valentine's boxes today.  I did the gluing with the hot glue gun for Kyrie and she did all the rest.  She decided on a Zebra (no big surprise there) and named her Spot.  I did paint the letters.  Zee helped me put the paper on her Turtle's face and decorated the turtle and put down the first coat of paper we used. The letters are wood letters I painted.

Zee named her Turtle Shelly after the pet turtle we had in Texas Sheldon "Shelly" Cooper.  Zee just went with Shelly.  We put down a layer of paper on the box then used Cookie Dough Duct Tape on top of that.  We used paper from the DCWV Animal Safari Stack for the face and tail.  I drew the circles on with sharpie and stencils.  The Zee added all the glitter things.  I painted up McKenzie in Purple and Shelly in green and hot glued them on a side of the turtle.  Zee stuck on the googly eyes, and button nose and mouth using pop dots.  I cut the ears out of cardboard and then glued the green paper to them and BOOM Shelly the Valentine's box. 
    Kyrie's box we covered in Zebra duct tape I had gotten for Christmas.  It wasn't enough to do the whole box but thankfully I had Zebra paper left over from her birthday stuff last year so we modge podged that on.  She used buttons for the eyes with two different glitter glues for the inside part (silver and pink) and then pink buttons for the mouth.  She added all the glitter things for decorations.  I added cardboard ears that I hot glued on and for the tail her grandmother crocheted the tail and we taped it inside.  The Boom Spots the Zebra Valentine box is done.