Thursday, March 6, 2014

March One Little Word Project

So when I first saw our assignment for March I was completely out of my comfort zone and wasn't even sure of doing the assignment.  But I sucked it up picked up some canvas, grabbed a shade of teal paint, found some glitter letters to spell out Happy, and saw this super cute Zebra and Turtle.  So we paid for the stuff and I brought it home and painted my canvas.  Then the hard part came what did I want to be on my board, what is my happy.  What things will help me stay focused on that.  I instantly knew I needed read, wine, dance, music, something to do with travel and crafting.  Those are my happy place outside of people.  So I flipped through a bunch of magazines and found scrap, find new roads, really good read and creativity begins at home.  So I cut them out and added them to my pile.  I debated cutting out Green Day from one of the booklets from my CD's and finally just did it, I cut the Scentsy symbol off a old catalog and found a family picture too.  Then I went hunting through my stash of supplies and found one of the stars I had left from when Seth was deployed and knew I had to add it.  Then I pulled out the little drawer I have all of my words, sayings and quotes in and found sing, curls, Always, travel, pet, hope, imagine, church,  dance, laughter, goals, experience, love, on the road, cherish the moments, friends are life's treasures, follow your heart and I may no be there yet but I'm closer than I was yesterday.  I also pulled out two blank things and wrote Read and Wine on them.  The Zebra is for  Kyrie and the Turtle is of course for Zee.   And the more I stare at it the more I see my Happy in it.