Friday, January 22, 2016

Big 11

Wow it's hard to believe she just had her 11th birthday party.  I'm not sure I'm ready for her to be 11, but we march on.  We had lots of scrambling because we were shooting for a party at the theater but apparently nothing she had an interest in seeing was in the theaters so we improvised and Movie Minion Party at home was what we went for. 

I made up her invitations to look like minions but replaced the "G" with "K".
 I made minion cups the blue ones look like the purple minions.  And the cupcakes have cookies I made look like minions.  I also had minion mix, and popcorn and m&m's for movie snacks.

 Kyrie's cupcake with her 11 candles.
 I made minion lanterns with some yellow lanterns we found at Christmas Tree shop.  I put chem lights in them so they glowed too.
 They now live in Kyrie's room she loved them so much.
 I added goggles to the lemonade so it too looked like a minion.
 The girls watched the Minion movie with two minions I made and the sign I made to take pictures with them.
 The door to the house again with a K instead of a G.
 The Minion sign.