Monday, January 6, 2014

Sesame Street Card

The girls got invited to a friends birthday party.  He will be 2 but they love hanging out with him so we got a gift and then I went to pick out a card and was blown away by the prices on kids birthday cards.  Seriously who spends anywhere from $5.00 to $6.00 for one birthday card.  I can buy a whole pack of blank cards for $5.00.  So I decided I would make his card instead of dropping a fortune paying for one. 
So this is what I came up with.  It did make me wish I had the Sesame Street Cartridge but what use would it be for one card so I made some circles, and threw on some googly eyes and made some mouths out of circles I cut in half and made a beak out of two circles I glued together and card done.  I had a couple stickers and put them on the envelope and the card cost me nothing except things I had on hand instead of paying $5.00 for a card.  Plus he is two he will love that the eyes move and hopefully that it is Sesame Street that he loves.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Friends Books

 So it's been a long time and I have had people to add since before we left Texas but aside from printing up some more pictures I got the pages made up for the girls Friends books.           I now need to hunt down more pages the next time I am out at A. C. Moore because I had to take pages out of Zee's book to add to Kyrie's book.  I need to put them in order because they are just in there however I thought of who needed to be next.  But it felt nice to sit and scrap even if it was only small 8 X 8 pages.  This is the most I have done in awhile and with ripping cd's into I-Tunes to put on Kyrie's new I-Pod she is getting for her birthday I had a lot of sitting in front of the computer time on my hands.  So I pulled them out and got to it.  I also took down all my albums and sorted through them to see where I stopped on which ones and what all I have to add, and I found some empty ones.  I know empty ones it is like Christmas every time I find an empty one around the house.  I still can't find some pictures I am looking for which started the album searching to begin with but I found an empty photo album and a bunch of pictures that have already been scrapped that I can put away so I have more room for when I have to order the pictures I need to be caught up to this year. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Crafty Catch Up

So I was crafty when I could be the end of the year.  I got some invitations made for Church for a Pumpkin Party in October.  I brought in some Pumpkin cakes for the girls classrooms and I made up some cupcakes for special trick or treaters.
 I made myself some motivation jars, and made each of the girls a good behavior jar.

 I made two Turkey's for the table at Thanksgiving.  I put napkins in them and they made great decorations for the table.  I also made a Turkey pictionary game for the kids to play. 

I drew up trees and cut out leaves for the girls to have Thankful trees.  It went over great and we will be repeating it next year.

I made a snowman out of bottle caps and painted a ton of caps for the craft afternoon at school.

 And I made Christmas cards 20 a month from January through November.  It kept me busy and I decided this year to take a different option but I did it.