Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Crafty Catch Up

So I was crafty when I could be the end of the year.  I got some invitations made for Church for a Pumpkin Party in October.  I brought in some Pumpkin cakes for the girls classrooms and I made up some cupcakes for special trick or treaters.
 I made myself some motivation jars, and made each of the girls a good behavior jar.

 I made two Turkey's for the table at Thanksgiving.  I put napkins in them and they made great decorations for the table.  I also made a Turkey pictionary game for the kids to play. 

I drew up trees and cut out leaves for the girls to have Thankful trees.  It went over great and we will be repeating it next year.

I made a snowman out of bottle caps and painted a ton of caps for the craft afternoon at school.

 And I made Christmas cards 20 a month from January through November.  It kept me busy and I decided this year to take a different option but I did it.

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