Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Little Crafty

I took off Kyrie's light switch and covered it in peace sign paper and put mod podge on it then once it dried I stuck it back up on her wall

This is Kyrie's teacher's Christmas gift
 This is Zee's teacher gift for Christmas
 Zee's teacher cards and the ornaments she made for her student teachers

The suckers and snowflakes we made for Zee's friends in her class
We did get some other stuff done but I will get that up after we give them out for Christmas

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vinyl for Kyrie's room

I cut out a guitar, stars, a skull, the peace symbol, the heart and peace love pirate for Kyrie's room.  We finally have it finished (well the closet needs to be organized) but that's another story.  I got all the K's painted and hung around her room.  Now we wait for her to come home and let us know what she thinks.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


These are the 15 pages I got done for the Crop I went to.  I can't wait for the next one.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Scrapping heals the soul

So I seriously needed some scrap time my body needed that calmness it goes into when I scrap.  I even paper pieced two penguins.  No Bugzy for me I cut those bad boys out by hand just to have more of a crafty release.

Well that's it for today but at least I got to do a page and tomorrow we paint so it will be a crafty release there too because we are sponging it all.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Look who got to be crafty

I used spray mist for the first time and loved it.  It didn't show up well in the pictures but I used it on the bottom layout and the black one with the flowers.  I also used chalk inks for the first time on the bottom layout.  I got one of the "K's" for Kyrie's wall painted and got another sanded down to paint.  I have also been working on my Relay for Life car for one of the laps.  I'll get a picture up next week.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Mickey Mouse

So I might not have gotten much crafty in lately but I rocked the crap out of Zee's Mickey cake.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kicking my uncreativity butt

So I have been so uncreative lately.  I have no idea why but yesterday I decided it was going to END!!! So I pulled out two colors of paint and separated the letters out and painted the first half of the the tops of them.  I still have to do the sides of the Pink letters and paint all of the green letters.  Then they will be ready to be stamped and finished off with Modge Podge.  Then I will have to find a box to mail them off to Manda.  I also think I am going to dig out my vinyl and see about making some things for way up high on Zee's wall.

Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 Before the Big GRRRR

Holy crafting

I feel so accomplished even if two pages is all I get done today.  I got to do two pages.  The first was a word prompt challenge from a group I am in, and the second one I was inspired by an ABC challenge and even though this didn't fit it.  It worked for me.  I have had the maps for awhile and just couldn't figure out how or what I wanted to be on the layout with them.  I am so happy with how it came out. 

Holy organizing

So I have been doing a ton of organizing.  Thanks to moving.  But all my buttons, brads, eyelets and a ton of other things are nicely organized and even color coded.  Yep I am crazy.  But it will make it a ton easier to find things.  My boxes arrived today so I can start working on sorting other things.  Then maybe I will be able to scrapbook.

Crafty Guru

So on my other blog I am part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and today's topic was so Fabulous I am doing it on all of my blogs.  The topic is Spotlight someone that you admire or someone that has helped you in life/ business/ school or someone who would be helpful to your readers.  So with that I bring you My Crafty Guru Heidi.

She has a number of fabulous blogs about photography, digital scrapbooking and just other creations.  She is also my Scentsy Mama.  She does have two more blogs I haven't listed.  She inspires me to be crafty with all of the things she does.  I would have never thought of making my Coffee pens for Scentsy if it wasn't for her, or altering clipboards for my parties.  I would have never left my bubble of strictly paper, besides the girls name wooden boards or the occasional wreath.  So thanks Heidi for bringing more of the crafty out of me and inspiring me to be crafty every day.

Crafty letters

So with all the moving and unpacking and Christmas chaos my creativity got put on the back burner.  But it was still driving in full swing and as soon as it was all done we headed for the craft section and I got wooden letters for my word of the year and to do our last name above a wall of photos.


Digi Break

So since we are on the road and I can't just drag my scrap stuff along I did try really hard though.  I at least have my laptop and my digi creations. 

Packing Packing it's started

I got my scrap stuff finished today.  Well all except for the stuff I have set aside for coming with us.  Once I got it done and moved off to the side I got two pages done and one more just needs a title.

Let the Crafty Begin

Kyrie is back in school so I actually have time to craft again.  I have gotten a ton done for my Scentsy stuff and some other crafty type things off my list.  I need to catch up on Zee's book and of course order pictures but with school being in I can get some things done.

Word of the YEAR

I finally got Photoshop to stop hating me today and let me do a digi page.  I used my word of the year "remember" and my poem I found and all the things I posted at my other blog that I wanted to remember.

Teacher Appreciation

So I did frames my first attempt at them.  Of course I had to bust tail to get the pictures from Walgreens to get them in the frames and to them in time.  But here they are

And so ends another book

Yes that's right I did it!  I did the last page for Kyrie's 4 to 5 book and got to start on her BIG 5 book.  I finally get to scrap PIRATE PARTY Pictures.  So with that my last page had to be something wonderful of course it's not the last page in the book but the last page I did for the book is of course about my little Red Sox fan.

And with that here are BIG 5 pages I have done so far. 

Move Over Betty Crocker

So far this month I have been a cake baking fool.  There have been birthdays out the wazoo so of course my cakes are required.  I made a chalkboard cake for Kyrie's aide

 a german chocolate cake for my cousin's birthday

 an apple for Kyrie's teacher (a friend took the picture for me so I will post it when she gets a chance to get it to me)

a purse for Kyrie's FAVORITE person

and a Dallas Football field for a friends hubby

I still have a sandcastle to make for a donation for our auction for relay for life.  Then I am done for this MONTH

23 bags later

So for Kyrie's field trip last week I made her sack lunch all pretty. She loved it and asked me if anyone else had pretty bags. I told her probably not and she asked me to make them for her class for her next field trip so I talked with her teacher and ended up bringing home 23 brown sacks to make them pretty. Thanks so much for letting me borrow the stamps Heidi I don't know what I would have done without them. I did 13 boy bags and 10 girl bags.
And of course Kyrie's bag

Super Mom Sack Lunch

Kyrie has a field trip today and I whipped a special something for her sack instead of the plain boring brown. She loved it and I rocked the Super Mommy this morning. And she was super stocked about helping to pack the bag with her lunch and then she asked if everyones bags were going to be pretty and I told her probably not she says oh I'm special but Mom you should have made pretty bags for everyone too.


This was my first attempt at a QP. It's an Autism Awareness Page Just click on the picture or click here.

Birthday Card

I borrowed some of the cutest Stampin Up Stamps from a friend today and made this great birthday card for a friend.

Digi Me

So recently two wonderful friends got me started doing digi scrapping and I have to say it is ADDICTING and I LOVE IT! I'm still learning but am getting better at it here are a few of my creations.