Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 Before the Big GRRRR

Holy crafting

I feel so accomplished even if two pages is all I get done today.  I got to do two pages.  The first was a word prompt challenge from a group I am in, and the second one I was inspired by an ABC challenge and even though this didn't fit it.  It worked for me.  I have had the maps for awhile and just couldn't figure out how or what I wanted to be on the layout with them.  I am so happy with how it came out. 

Holy organizing

So I have been doing a ton of organizing.  Thanks to moving.  But all my buttons, brads, eyelets and a ton of other things are nicely organized and even color coded.  Yep I am crazy.  But it will make it a ton easier to find things.  My boxes arrived today so I can start working on sorting other things.  Then maybe I will be able to scrapbook.

Crafty Guru

So on my other blog I am part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and today's topic was so Fabulous I am doing it on all of my blogs.  The topic is Spotlight someone that you admire or someone that has helped you in life/ business/ school or someone who would be helpful to your readers.  So with that I bring you My Crafty Guru Heidi.

She has a number of fabulous blogs about photography, digital scrapbooking and just other creations.  She is also my Scentsy Mama.  She does have two more blogs I haven't listed.  She inspires me to be crafty with all of the things she does.  I would have never thought of making my Coffee pens for Scentsy if it wasn't for her, or altering clipboards for my parties.  I would have never left my bubble of strictly paper, besides the girls name wooden boards or the occasional wreath.  So thanks Heidi for bringing more of the crafty out of me and inspiring me to be crafty every day.

Crafty letters

So with all the moving and unpacking and Christmas chaos my creativity got put on the back burner.  But it was still driving in full swing and as soon as it was all done we headed for the craft section and I got wooden letters for my word of the year and to do our last name above a wall of photos.

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