Monday, July 29, 2013

Card Storage

My card storage has been awful since we got here I was using a CD tower and it was fine unless I had to move it.  And of course I had to move it every time I needed a card.  So I was going through my pinterest the other day looking for a craft to do and fell upon a card box I had pinned.  So I went looking for a box.  The one I found was bigger then the picture but since I still have a bunch of store bought cards left from my Granny's stuff it works for me.  So I got to work covering the box in patterned paper, hunting out wooden letters and coloring them.  
Then I started sorting my cards to find out how I wanted them separated.  I decided on six big categories Birthday, Blank, Friendship/Thank You, Holiday, Sympathy/Get Well and Congratulations.  I had these awesome cardstock designed papers left from a friend's Mother in law and I cut them down and folded them so they stand by themselves.  Then I busted out my stencil and did up cut labels for each one.
 Then I needed sub-categories because I am that OCD!!!  So I went through and broke those down.  Thank You, Thinking of You, Just Because and Missing You for Friendship and Thank You.  Valentine, St. Patricks, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas for Holidays.  Get Well and Sympathy  for the Get Well/Sympathy group.  In Congratulations I have Baby, Graduation, Anniversary, and Newlyweds.

I put it all together and it looks great.

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