Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Doll Hula Hoop Tutorial

This is my first tutorial so bare with me.  Ignore my messy desk I have about nine million things going on.

  • Ribbon (you will need enough to cover your hoop
  • scissors
  • glue (you need a super glue)
  • 2 Glow Stick bracelets with connector pieces
  • lighter
1. First bend your glow sticks and hook them to the connectors and hook the two bracelets together in a circle.

2. Put super glue in the connector pieces to hold it together.

3. Burn the end of your ribbon to keep it from fraying.
 Before Burning
After Burning

4.  Wrap the hula hoop in your ribbon.

5. Cut off the extra ribbon.

6. Burn the end of your ribbon.

7.  Glue the end and fold over your hoop.

8.  Done!!!

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